Happy New Year (and Secret Santa)!

there is a bond here with Sammy the barn manager and Luna!

Anyone else ready for this damn year to be over? I am thinking a lot of us feel that way. Remember back in late 2020 when we were all like oh, yeah 2021 will be better. EHHHHHHHH nope. So I have no real hopes for 2022. But I am ready for 2021 to be over nonetheless.

The best phrase for the new year is this one on Facebook:
I hope someone is out there lunging 2022 before we get on!

Our Christmas was fine but busy. And our guests (my sister, nephew, and my sister’s friend) not only brought Eastern Shore oysters but also a dose of COVID. We have gone almost 2 years without getting it (We still have not gotten it as of this second!) but I didn’t need to worry about testing this week. Our neighbor also got it. UGH. I managed to get tested twice (negative both times), but could not get dad nor Mark tested due to the crapola that is end of 2021. Lines are wrapped around city blocks for testing, self test kits are sold out and not coming back in stock. It is just a mess.

Anyhoo I had a great lesson with Remus yesterday (getting the lesson in before it will be 30 on Sunday after 75 tomorrow, weather you are drunk go home!)

Slow Turtle GIFs | Tenor
Remus (spirited hahha)

Remus got a dose of Adequan this week so he is feeling quite spirited (for Remus I mean come on you know what I mean!). It was great timing with the drop in temps coming this weekend for him to feel good!

Funny Weather Quotes | Kappit

Luna is blossoming at White Oak (and growing lots).

who me growing? Nah….Luna Probably

Minis are cute. And camera shy right now so no new photos (it is so humid and they have so much coat they are perpetually sweaty right now)!

Dogs and cats are still spoiled! Per normal!

so hard to take a photo of it but it is so cute on Ollie!

Life is okay. Just a bit stressed out with everything.

But I got a smile a few times over the last few weeks with my secret santa gifts!! First I got some really cute bow ties for the kids (put them on the dogs but they probably could work with the cats as well as the horses!).

thank you Secret Santa but I don’t know who you are!!

And also some yummy treats for Remus that look like Starbucks cups. He approves 100 percent as well as Tuck the resident Boxer at the barn! My card also came but didn’t give me a name so Secret Santa let me know who you are if you follow my blog!

yummy I almost tried them πŸ™‚

And I offered to help at the barn tonight so am going to go do manual labor before celebrating the New Year in. (Never make it to midnight so doubt today is any different)!

One does not simply get a job and keep it - Ramblings of a Redhead Girl
me and manual labor!

Happy New Year all! Stay safe, stay warm (or cool depending where you are), and see you in the New Year!

100 Best Schitt's Creek Quotes Β» Whisky + Sunshine
me to you all! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year (and Secret Santa)!

  1. I am on the same boat as you, definitely no high hopes for 2022. I like the lungeing comment LOL I saw one that basically said “No one claim 2022 as your year, we need to tiptoe into 2022 with caution” LOLOL I do agree tho haha. Eek I’m sorry having the family over did not go over very well with bringing COVID. I’m glad you’re okay tho! Hopefully soon Mark and your dad can get tested! Happy New Year πŸ™‚ ❀

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