Same stuff, different year?

Tina is my spirit animal right now. Grumpy and cold!

I swear this month is already flying by! I have a convention in like less than 4 weeks almost and being deep in the Covid weeds on how to put on a safe and healthy convention and not go crazy I have barely had time to breathe.

I got a theme here, we are all cold and tired!

I haven’t seen Luna in forever, I barely see Remus once a week now. The work is up to my eyes but the end could be in sight. If we make it to San Fran I will be amazed. SO many variables and San Fran keeps putting more regulations in place. And we can’t pull out unless San Fran bans large gatherings. ETC Oh the life of a convention person. SO MUCH FUN. NOT.

Having fun GIF - Find on GIFER
no I am not.

Anyhoo we had a huge temp drop this week in TN so my barn doors froze, Barbie’s tail froze into icicles a bit and actually broke off, and F it has been cold. Supposed to be the 50s this weekend (Which YAY) but rain (Which is BOO). UGH. I have a lesson tomorrow. Maybe.

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Right now my main concern is to answer all the millions of emails flying back and forth as people change to virtual or vice versa. AND TO NOT GET SICK. I wear a mask everywhere, I go nowhere really except the barn. BUT I feel like a ticking time bomb. Anyone else?

OUAT Gif Series/Imagines - Rumplestiltskin - Wattpad
how i feel right now!

Not impressed with 2022 so far!! How bout all of you? Anyone else on the crazy train? Or if you are not, can you tell me fluffy happy stories, or paint me a happy cloud? Thanks in advance!!

Wholesome Uplifting Bob Ross dump - Album on Imgur
mmkay Bob….

2 thoughts on “Same stuff, different year?

  1. We got some protein-rich hay during the holidays and my mare decided that it made her feel pretty damn good, so my trainer and I have both been wrestling with trying to bring her back down again. Nothing like some good old fashioned horse drama to distract from the pandemic

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  2. Oh man! I hope things go smoothly with your convention if it happens, and if it doesn’t, I hope they let you know that SOON so you don’t do more work for no reason.
    Also, the freezing weather is stupid. How long ’til spring?

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