Two Months Ago…Happy Crashiversary?

Today it has been two months since that silly girl slammed into Edward.

still hurts to think of this day

Meanwhile Edward while so close to being finished is still in the shop. I got gas/diesel to pick up, hay to get, places to haul, AND dump runs to do. I NEED MY EFFING TRUCK BACK!

I did get to ride this past weekend the best buckskin around!

I am so tired of the collision place dragging their feet. My insurance company once I went apeshit on them for lack of communication has been much more communitive but it still is down to it has taken almost a week to finish the airbags and then it has to go thru ‘quality inspection.’ I scoff at the word quality because nothing about this experience has been quality at all. Since that stupid bitch didn’t pay attention and sideswiped me. UGH.

these little pains while fat finally almost shed out

Mark leaves for the UK on Thursday (first time back in over 2 years, thanks to Covid) and I wanted to have the truck back and the rental back as I need an extra driver for both of these things. So this Tuesday post is just a whine fest for me. Sorry but I am really tired of the work ethic and world as it is today. People just don’t seem to care about their jobs that much anymore when it comes to service. Since I didn’t get to pick the collision place I tried not to look at the reviews but I did peek and they are known for the taking FOREVER thing. SOOOO here I sit. tapping my fingers on the desk. WAITING FOR MY DAMN TRUCK to be finished.

Let’s not even start to discuss how said truck is going to be after getting 22k or more worth of repairs?? Most expensive truck in the world money wise, worth shit via Carfax by now. SIGH.

Cherry still has odd pieces of hair all over, Barbie is all shed out besides her belly mostly.

Happy Tuesday (grhhh) 🙂 How is your week going?

5 thoughts on “Two Months Ago…Happy Crashiversary?

  1. Ugh poor Edward! I’m sorry that’s taking so long! If it makes you feel any better to commiserate this week is crawling by for me too. I got one week left before I’m on vacay before my new job and I am not having fun. It’s all just a big ball of blegh lol Hopefully Edward is done by the end of this week tho!

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  2. I hope Edward is feeling better soon. Same thing happened to me with my year old truck…the repairs were within 5k of the new purchase price and insurance still wanted it fixed rather than replaced, goodbye resale value. Feels doubly unfair when the accident isn’t your fault.

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