Weather is Weird in TN

I had a lesson on Remus on Sunday am, early. It was going to be hot, it was hot, it could have been worse.

Spoiler: It rained. Hard!

We had a nice ride though considering my brain was not working. Did a few minutes of warm up flat work then we did some small jumps using the open rein concept to get our horses going to the jump correctly and straight. I may have failed a few times at this but overall, even though it was hot, Remus was willing, had no pissy attitude, and didn’t buck. We put him on Gastromend this summer just to see if it helps and it seems to have helped his overall mood. So let’s hope that it keeps helping. Does he have ulcers or symptoms? Not really, but a bunch of horses at the barn are on it and you know what? It really can’t hurt and seems to be helping. Stay tuned if it stays that way! We also checked his Adequan calendar and are planning to redo it in August. But overall fat buckskin is pretty happy.

After we finished riding, we were going to go walk around the property. But you could hear rain in the woods near us (Note no rain was on the radar at all) so we decided not to. At the time we unmounted and walked into the barn the sky opened up with loud thunder and lightning. A couple other riders had been walking their two horses out to the big field and promptly turned around and came back and were soaked.

I was going to hose Remus off but after this storm went through, his stall and he was soaked. The wind was insane as well. He was cooled off by then and I just ended up brushing him (it helped the temps went down quite a bit).

It got hot again the rest of the day but overall we have had a few good days of temps in normal not bake mode. It is going to get hot again starting today but not in the 100s plus. Moral of this post? Tennessee weather is weird and if you wait five minutes it could change. Or get worse? Or better!
Happy Wednesday!

Pretty much every day in TN in the summer….I dream of the fall right now…even though I hate winter too

6 thoughts on “Weather is Weird in TN

  1. I hate southern summer! In my ideal life I would live in the south November to May and head to Montana for June to October. Ugh. If it makes you feel better there are still roads in Montana closed because of snow.

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    1. Yeah I might roll on those closed roads in Montana!! The snow would feel good! 🙂 I don’t know if I can’t handle the heat as much as when I was younger or what!! I am okay as long as it cools off at night but when it is smarmy at night still? NO THANKS!!

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