We Jumped Something Wide!

how many pets do you spy on one bed?

I have a few things on the back burner to write about (flooding barn update, my ground lesson from a few weeks back, and more). But todaym I just wanted to tell you we got rain (SO MUCH Rain) which is good and bad (A whole other story). But even with rain ( while my Sunday fun trip out with Remus got cancelled), I did have a most excellent lesson on Saturday.

I rode with two riders I don’t ride with a lot but we laugh a lot (and they both can jump the pants off me but anyway)….and enjoy ourselves. The very first line two of us totally missed the last half of it so Mandy proceeded to show us how it was done. Oops. Sam and Mandy both jump a lot higher than I do (they show in jumpers) but they are so much fun to ride with so I enjoyed riding with them again.

And Remus was pretty forward and I was not messing him up too badly (despite falling on both knees on concrete aisle in barn on Friday so my knees were killing me). We popped over some different jumps and I just tried to sit up and leave him alone and let him do the work. I could tell when I was bracing (my go to move lately) with my legs because my knees protested. Badly. Poppy said good then you will stop bracing (Sympathy is never an instructor, is it?)! HA

Even though it was a bit cooler, the humidity started building badly halfway through the lesson so we did some more stuff then Poppy said to jump one more I could be done. She pointed at an oxer that she had set up for the other riders. It was not huge but was wide (I saw her widen it earlier). I kind of grumbled then cantered Remus off toward it. The whole way around the ring I bitched AM I GOING TO DIE? She yelled back NO YOU ARE NOT and then I yelled ARE YOU SURE and more of the same. I headed toward and sailed over it. What do you know? It was anticlimatic. Remus was like hold my beer. Over it he went.

Okay maybe not this wide but still….

Then Poppy walked over to make it taller for the other two to finish on and she said OH I forgot how wide I made this! I was like YA THINK? I almost fell off my horse laughing. Flashback to time I actually fell off my horse laughing because it should always be shared!

So then even though we didn’t video it (and if we had it would not have gone so well!) I told her you got to get a photo of it for me. So she did! And that is how we jumped a wide-ass jump on Saturday. And did not die. It may not look like much to you all but dang there was air time πŸ™‚ HAHAHAHA how was your weekend?

Remus looks impressed! Not!

7 thoughts on “We Jumped Something Wide!

  1. That looks wide to me! It would definitely give me a sense of accomishment if my horse and I cleared that thing. Good on you and Remus! I cracked up at the GIFs too. Oh, and I spy six critters on that bed. Makes me want to take a nap now. Move over guys. πŸ™‚

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  2. Good job Remus (and you!)! Also, rub it in with the rain, why don’t you. Everything here is covered in dust. Except at the barn, then it’s dried sweat, dust, and poo particles

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    1. ugh i would have preferred the rain we got Friday and Sat to Sunday’s onslaught. My barn is underwater again despite spending 600 bucks on a drain ditch AND 2600 for a new carport. πŸ™‚


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