The Time When Cherry Fell in Love and Lost Her Shit….

It has been raining off and on for three days now. Which is great (Sorry Rooth! I am not poking at you there! HA), but also annoying since it is A) HUMID AS F STILL, B) the grass is as tall as my minis now and we can’t cut it due to the fact between the humidity and rain it is soaked all day and night, and C) Did I mention the humidity??

I know, I know. I bitch too much but jeezus, Tennessee. A middle of the road would be lovely. And I would not have flooding everywhere. My rain gauge is actually overflowing right now. This is nuts.

Anyway, my neighbor is a small animal vet and he has a few horses (three) that were his late wife’s horses. They are very old. You all remember I think when Caz lived with Remus a bit as a babysitter. He is a Paso Fino and a real sweetie. He seems to have an abscess going on and they are in the field next to me for now soooo of course I am involved (have you met me? LOL).

said slutty mini

Doc has gone camping so he and his son went over there the other day and packed and wrapped his foot. He is a total drama queen (Caz not Doc) so he is basically three-legged lame. I worried the other day that he was just standing by gate, with horse flies all over him, and not going to the water trough (which is a long way considering the three-legged lame status). And then I didn’t see him and told Doc via text I would go look for him in the field so Ollie and I jumped in the side by side and went to look. We found him standing in the woods but he looked so sad, I ended up pulling him home with me. When I say pull my arms still hurt. Trying to get a lame horse to the barn which while far away was still closer than his real home was tough. Ollie was a star and sat up in the side by side wondering why mommy was pulling a huge dog behind the side by side. Got through the gate and texted Mark to come help as I could not use the side by side anymore and I was worried Ollie would be stepped on.

Mark came out so had him call Ollie and take Ollie in. Then we slowly made our way to the barn and paddock. My minis were LOSING THEIR SHIT and Caz was calling for his Appy buddies (Who are MEAN TO HIM UGH) but I didn’t care I wanted him to drink. HE drank half the muck bucket and then I got him in the stall and put water in there and some hay and left him in there for the night. He was screaming every so often but I was like he did drink and eat and poop and pee soo that was all good. The next am I put minis in stall and let him out in paddock. The minis (OKAY CHERRY) were screaming, Caz was screaming. So I let them all loose together. Cherry was in flaming heat (Caz is a gelding) and proceeded to back up to Caz and then whirling around then whirling back all feet a flying. She is such a bitch. Caz would (with one leg up front) Whirl around and kick back (but not really kicking). They were getting along as long as Cherry wasn’t in his face so I left them be for a while and they were munching grass etc. But Caz kept screaming. So yesterday am we took him back to his field to his ‘friends’.

Cherry has proceeded to lose her shit that he is gone. She is screaming for him every so often (piercing shrill scream too) and Barbie just looks at her like she has lost her marbles.

Meanwhile Caz is by his gate again looking miserable. I am hoping that the other vet (Doc’s partner) gets by to check him out later today. I can’t bring him back here and I can’t do anything for him (except if this rain ever stops will take him some water in the side by side).

Meanwhile anyone want a fiery red chestnut mini? SIGH. Seriously. I can’t even imagine bringing Luna home to this nut job. The only funny thing is I got to see how cute her trot is as she fancy pranced around like Lord of the dance!

Happy Friday from the Fruit Loop Farm!!

4 thoughts on “The Time When Cherry Fell in Love and Lost Her Shit….

  1. The joke is on all of us living in the hell that is TX. B bought a rain gauge at the end of April… and it hasn’t rained since. Cherry sounds like Mae when she’s in heat – if only we could get the two of them together

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  2. We’ve gotten so much rain too. It’s been sooooo nice. I’d MUCH rather have it be 98-100 with rain than without. It was humid for sure, but I’ll take it over a 114 oven LOL Thankfully none of our mares have been as bad as Cherry. Whisper just nickers, sticks her butt close and does small squeals. Thankfully nothing major lolol. Amber has nearly kicked geldings through their stall if they so much as attempt to sniff her nose when she’s in heat lol. Thankfully we have no geldings around lolol

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  3. Rain? What even is that? We were supposed to get rain here… Instead, we had a lightning strike and a loud bang of thunder, and then like two drops of rain. That was it. Oh mother nature….
    Cherry sounds like Shiny. Goes into season anytime a boy gives her a little attention. And then she gets mad about it. Because Mares.

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