Lesson Recap: Did Anyone Have Falling Off Their Horse While Laughing On Their 2020 Bingo Card? Just Me?

So I had another lesson with the ‘ladies’ group’ on Sunday. Let’s just say we have a lot of fun and laugh a lot. More about the actual falling off the horse while dismounting due to laughing later but kudos to Elizabeth for being so quick to snap some shots of me after I landed in the sand. Also look at Remus’s face. LOOK AT IT! Hilarious. He is like “MOM STOP BEING SILLY.”

Embarrassing Me GIFs | Tenor
Pretty sure Remus was someone stop her..

But to recap the lesson, Jenna always says ohhh I got a fun idea. UT OH. But usually it is fun. So we had five of us in our lesson so she split us up in a group of 3 and a group of 2. Angela (on Moose the motoring Paint), Samantha (on Colt the motoring Thoroughbred), and me on the NONMOTORING Remus. This was gonna be hard. Those short legs cannot cover the distance the other two can!

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Remus all the time….

We started at a walk and actually once I got Remus on the bit it was easier than I thought but at that time I was on the inside (which helps greatly when your horse has short legs and tiny strides). Once we reversed (after doing an almost perfect change of direction across the diagonal), I was on the outside and that was harder. But the horses actually started matching their strides, it was so cool. Then we trotted. AND NO ONE DIED. Mass relief!

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Boy have we!

This is some cool shit right? We were still staying together. But then Jenna mentioned the canter word and I was like nope….you guys have fun. I cantered on my own but Samantha and Angela both did great as well as the other two riders in our group. So much fun and really made you think. My abs were hurting after all that concentrated trotting but they were going to really hurt later (from laughing).

Next, Jenna says we are going to jump in pairs. We all looked at her like she had three heads but she was like you guys can do this. We started in front of two small cavaletti poles set on their highest setting (which is tiny). We had to trot first each of us turning the opposite direction then canter. Colt and Sam went with me and Remus and the funny thing was Colt had so much more ground to cover (and I was fussing at Remus to slow up, yeah I get that irony!) but we still did it!! So much fun.


Everyone else took turns and it was really great how easy everyone made it look. Then we started jumping real jumps on our own and I had a heart attack (or four) over the size of an oxer. Jenna lowered it for us weenies (after Angela yelped going over it at first hahaha way to go Angela) and we proceeded to jump all the jumps. Then I got Jenna to video the last line as I kind of messed it up by pushing him too forward (yeah go figure). She was kind enough to video so I have even more media!!

We jump things!

Now we have reached the part you have all been waiting for. We were finishing up the lesson and standing in the middle of the ring. I had grabbed my phone and was talking to Elizabeth next to me on Draco the gray. Remus and Draco (not sure who started it) gave each other the evil eye and kind of went to bite each other. Elizabeth and I at the same time started smacking on our horses for doing that. Sorry Remus and Draco but that was not nice to do that but by then the rest of the group was laughing so hard at me and Elizabeth essentially telling our horses off. IN PERFECT UNISION. Horses did not care at all by the way but by then we all had the damn giggles. I was trying to get off Remus while laughing so damn hard I was afraid I was going to pee on my saddle. I got half way down with gloves, crop, and phone and just let go and whomp onto the sand I went. Flatbacked laying there laughing so damn hard it took me forever to get up. Everyone assumed I had fallen off. NOPE JUST LAUGHED TOO HARD GETTING OFF MY OWN DAMN HORSE…move it along nothing to see here….

You ever hang out with ya friends and laugh so hard & get lost in the
Thank you Trinity! For this…

You can imagine how much laughter ensued from that. Seriously the best lesson EVER. So much fun. Thank you Jenna (a new reader of my blog) for putting up with us and squealing and jumping around with excitement when we do all the things! And thank you ladies who ride on Sunday morning at Trinity for making my week so much brighter. Hahahah I am still laughing.

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Some days it is so easy with him, some days not!

The good news is obviously the cooler weather and the Adequan is making a difference with Remus. Not grumpy and jumping all the things!! Can’t fuss about that even a little. And no bucking. He would like me to manage to stay on though, I am pretty sure. AND stop embarrassing him in front of his friends! I can’t promise you anything Remus…

16 thoughts on “Lesson Recap: Did Anyone Have Falling Off Their Horse While Laughing On Their 2020 Bingo Card? Just Me?

    1. it was much fun. Remus is in such good shape being there, it is such a good fit for him and me both! πŸ™‚ As much as I love having him in my back yard I realize some horses cant thrive like that (or act normal) HA


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