Slim Pickings Lately

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Things are very boring now. I am trying to schedule another lesson this week and maybe haul out to a local arena but right now neither thing is locked down yet. Plus it was 28 degrees this morning. BRGHHH

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Sorry to be so boring 🙂

I locked the two horses up last night when I got home from an Ollie checkup at the vet (all healing up nicely his mouth is). They were in the stalls (which is almost never) and it was really cold already at 6 pm. So locked them up, threw them some hay and water, and left them to it. This morning they wanted out but otherwise fared fine. There was not much hay left in Remus’s stall. Caz ate some but also managed to destroy the stall with poop, pee, and leftover hay. I let them out this morning and still need to go do the stalls but waiting for it to WARM THE EFF UP FIRST….

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Days like these are where I adore my fat buckskin. He poops in the same spot and despite a wet area, his stall is pretty clean. Caz is a total filthy grossout. (Why are the smaller horses the ones that are nasty?? Tate was the same way).

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Remus’s stall had LESS shavings in it last night than Caz’s did. Ummm Caz’s looked like he ate the shavings as well as had two more horses in there with him. Remus’s stall may not look clean in the photo but it is spotless compared to Caz.

Remus’s stall (note the poop in one pile.)
Disgusting. Totally. And had at least a bale more of shavings in this one last nite than Remus. WTF Caz.

So yeah. That is what my blog has turned into: Who is more disgusting? Yes it would be Caz. And how is everyone else’s week going? Hope more exciting than mine!!

Remus is a shit to Caz most of the time but they do get cute moments in the field…
Remus was like you better have food, lady you interrupted my nap! HA

Let us hope I liven things up here soon. I am also not in the spirit quite yet re the holidays, though I have managed to buy one or two gifts (Iincluding my secret blogger one!). Small miracles really! Anyone else feeling the lack of festiveness? Or just me? 🙂

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Pretty much feeling the scrooge right now…

12 thoughts on “Slim Pickings Lately

    1. He is still a freak but overall he is a pretty easy guy to have around. (Coyotes came by in the night we heard them, went out this am and Remus and Caz were up the hill eyes glaring at the house for me to come out and feed them (and protect them) HA! I am sure the coyotes didn’t get close but they heard them…..#redalert #atleastitwasntapig (Remus said) HA


  1. Jampy was like Remus in the stall. But all my other ones are more like Caz. Bunch of dirty animals! Hope you get some riding time soon and that it warms up! I’m already done with winter, counting down to spring.

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