Quick Post: I Rode My Horse Again!

Managed to ride Sunday morning and while it got hotter than expected it was a great ride on the bestest buckskin pony ever. We even managed to not biff the jumps (we kept them small) and I even moved up on one jump that would have been a chip if I hadn’t done that 🙂 HA! Baby steps! After we were done we hacked outside the ring and meandered around a bit. He really is the best treatment there is to make you feel better!

Dad is still in rehab. He is doing better but still pretty weak in my mind I hope they don’t try to send him home sooner rather than later. UGH. (UPDATE: they are scheduling him for discharge on Saturday. SIGH so much for Mark and I getting a bit longer break!)

Also Gretchen has chosen this week to decline a bit. Have a vet appt for her today so wish us luck. She is probably about 40 years old now who knows. Bless her.

And that is it for me right now. Onward and upward hopefully? I still have a nasty cough that I am VERY tired of having. Also get tired really easily STILL.

Remus says he is getting over COVID too and tired (NO HE IS NOT:))

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week!! The weather is FAB here right now with sunshine and 70s daytime and 40s/50s at night!

That is a lot of animals on one bed!

4 thoughts on “Quick Post: I Rode My Horse Again!

  1. So jealous of your weather!! Aww, I hope it’s just some old age with Gretchen. Choco got that way before we changed her diet and stuck her on glucosamine, and she did super on that. Yay for getting out and riding! He may not seem it, but I bet Remus was happy ❤

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  2. This lovely weather is going to last a hot minute for us and then it’ll get gross. Remind me not to complain about rain when we finally get some this fall. Hoping Gretchen feels back to her normal self soon!


  3. Glad you finally got some saddle time! Hope things are okay with Gretchen. It’s tough with the old doggos. P had another vestibular event this weekend and wound up at the vet too. But she’s doing okay now. Hope the same for Gretchen!
    Also, I hope your dad is actually good and ready to come home before they discharge him!

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