Hanging By A Thread

Seriously me in a nutshell!

Dad is home. He is not doing great and I am quite literally exhausted and can barely type. We do have home health coming in tomorrow and I do think he is better, kind of. Oh yeah, rehab sent him home with a gnarly kidney infection (yes they have him on antibiotics) but it would have been nice if they had kept him till he was better. He is weak as a kitten still.

Mark is traveling to NM this week, Iowa next, and New York the next so I am on my own when he is gone. IT is a lot. Even with home health.

I tried to have a lesson on Sunday but no sooner than I swung a leg on my horse my dad called saying he could not get out of bed (NOTE: Mark was home with him and helped him but dad had to ruin my morning first).

I can’t believe how much I am ending up hating my father. I would not wish this on anyone. Anyway sending this out to the cosmic void just to keep from screaming. Hope I am in a better state to post later this week.

Thanks for listening/reading to me vent!! Happy Tuesday! (I think it is Tuesday, it could be any other day of the week I would not know!) Oh yeah our 20th wedding anniversary is tomorrow (THANK GOODNESS AND ALL HEAVENS FOR MY LOVELY HUSBAND who is an effing saint!). Happy anniversary to Mark, I love you honey (again he walks on water for us and I so appreciate him especially with all this going on).

5 thoughts on “Hanging By A Thread

  1. Caring for elderly parents is so, so hard! I am so thankful mine aren’t living with me. But I am currently getting them downsized and into a more suitable living situation and JFC!! No wonder I drink so much.

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  2. I’m so sorry. This is really hard to go through. My grandparents lived with my mom and I briefly when I was in high school. It was a lot and eventually they had to go to assisted living. It was hard to get it done, but it was better for everyone in the long run. Especially for my mom. I hope things get better soon for all of you.
    Oh, but also, Happy Anniversary! Hope you two get to have a nice dinner together at least.

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  3. Happy Belated Anniversary! 20 years is a fabulous milestone.
    I am sorry to hear of your struggles with your elderly Dad. I know the pain, stress & anxiety. My Dad isn’t in great shape (mentally, or physically) or living in a great situation, but refuses to change and no matter what us kids would like for him (Assisted Living), he refuses. It’s hard to see your parent living that way, but I have no ability to change what he doesn’t want changed.

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