Hello Again

biggest margarita EVER!

While not 100 percent I am feeling a tiny bit better and Dad is doing better too (I think). I am hoping to actually ride my horse tomorrow in a real lesson. I am coughing less. Mark is home for the weekend (He leaves again on Monday sigh). So life is if not perfect, then better and pretty good. One thing that happened when dad was in rehab (ten perfect days with my husband) was we had visitors!!

Hillary and Bea stayed overnight in our apartment the other week. Bea met the minis, we ate a LOT of Queso and a lot of bottle margarita mix (Ick not the best margarita by far but the size made up for it), and we laughed a lot especially when she was attempting to turn around in the am (our driveway is a pain and the carport added to the front of the barn doesn’t help!)

I won’t post the videos but I have them for blackmail at a later time. I also won’t share any photos of Bea just cause but she is growing up so fast and I am pretty sure she is older than Hillary now maturity wise! HAHAHA So that was a nice break that night. They loved my apartment so anyone coming through Memphis give me a shout! AirBnB right here. For cheap! HA

turned around, what a damn relief!
pretty sure she flashed me the bird seconds after this
world’s largest truck, world’s smallest uhaul trailer πŸ™‚

Happy Friday!! Is Queso in your weekend plans? It should be!

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