I Got a New Drug (I Mean Truck!)

So long story short! I got a new truck (probably need new drugs too but I digress)!

New to me, anyway. It is used. But I LOVE IT. A barn friend was looking for a truck and really liked mine. We kind of talked about it then I kind of forgot then she mentioned it again. So I was like okay. Then I realized if I sold my truck I would have to find a new one. Cue two weeks of searching high and low for a new or used truck that met my specifications. Because I was determined to have this:

  1. Running boards (yes I could add them but what a pain)
  2. Rear vents in back seat for dogs (and husband when he has to ride back there).
  3. Speaking of back seats, I wanted a full crew cab for said husband and dogs. More room would be nice.
  4. 4wd of course and anything else that would help, trailering package etc

I literally combed the internet and while I found some new trucks that would have worked they were not the exact thing I wanted and were just so pricey. Then I found a used Silverado truck on Carmax that I loved! I put it on my favorites list and promptly saw it reserved for someone else. So sad.

Mark and I went there and saw what they had but that truck was still on reserve. Being the stalker I am I kept checking my favorites on Carmax and the next day lo and behold the reserve was off so the person who had reserved it hadn’t bought it. I promptly reserved it myself and went to see it. I loved it, drove it, really loved it. It is so fancy. But I wasn’t ready to buy. The sales guy was fantastic and extended my reserve a whole week while I sold my old truck, deposited the check, and did some other logistics! He could have sold that truck ten times I do believe. Mark and I went back on Friday and I showed it to Mark. Mark attempted to show me cheaper trucks. I stood firm (We were putting quite a lot down since we had sold my truck). SO I HAVE A NEW TRUCK. I can’t wait to pull with it.

It is a 2019 (so same year as my old truck) with 23k miles on it. Obviously an old fart that never used it had it because it looks brand new inside and out. It has leather, heated seats, heated steering wheels, running boards, vents in the back (The back seat looks like a couch it is so huge), bed liner, tonneau cover, and the trailering package. Whew. And it sparkles in the sunshine (but red this time) SO PRETTY.

This is how I feel inside right now!

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