New Supplement to Try on Barbie

A lot is happening this week and a lot happened this past week but for now I wanted to tell you about a supplement I am trying for Barbie. Her immune system is pretty bad most of the spring, summer and fall so when Three Chestnuts told me about something she found at Fair Hill International I was intrigued. Also I was really impressed when I emailed the owner, got a response the hour after emailing and then when I bought the supplement it was shipped out that very day and I got it in like 2 days. Yes please!

Since Barbie is a mini she only gets like a tablespoon a day so while pricey it doesn’t add up that much over time since this 3 lb container should last a while. It is kind of funny looking (duh Chia seeds funny looking) but she is cleaning it up so far. I am hoping it will help with her snots, itches, and general breathing issues. And if not, it is worth trying. Could it be mumbo jumbo. Well duh of course! But I am tired of her looking so snotty and not right. Worth a shot!

Any way go take a look at the site as she was very helpful and I thought it was an interesting spin on supplements. Thanks Sarah!! For spending my money as always! HA
Happy Monday all. More to come this week.

Remus did a show this weekend at the barn with a kid on board and got reserve. Who’s a good boy?

6 thoughts on “New Supplement to Try on Barbie

  1. Yaasss on the Hocus Pocus meme!! Love it lol I hope this works for Barbie! Amber doesn’t get bad spring/summer allergies but she does get a goopy left nostril and sometimes severe itches, so this may definitely be something to try for her!

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    1. She is cleaning it up and I hate to say it but she has less snot already. She always has one snot trail comign out of her left nostril. As of last night none. AND she has had this for like 2-3 months so I can’t think it is anything but this stuff. Fingers crossed. THANKS


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