Socks Gets Adopted, I Ride Again, It Will Not Stop Raining, and Merry Effing Christmas….

Socks went to his new home last weekend. I got to pick the applicants and took him there to meet their (HUGE) doodle. I wasn’t sure at first but the people were really nice and the house and yard was great. He even has a swimming pool for next Summer!

Though it killed me to give him up, this is why we foster, right? They are thrilled, they adore him. Scooter (his new BIG brother) loves him too. It took about two days for them to bond. So I am happy. But sad. But happy!! But I miss him. Bernie does not. She really did not want a big brother. The kids are happy on their own again and spoiled rotten still.

Meanwhile I squeezed in a quick ride today. It has literally rained for 10 days straight. The sun has been absent (Though I got a quick shot of a sunset so someone got sun. We just didn’t. My solar lights outside don’t even light up at night now it has been so long!) UGH.

But Remus was okay considering he has been up in his stall forever. I rode like shit because I haven’t ridden for about 10 days soooo. Anyway I got to ride him. He is feral looking right now though he did get his Irish clip a couple weeks ago.

note the gross puddles everywhere! ICK!

I leave Sunday for a quick work trip up north to DC so hopefully next weekend I can squeeze a couple rides in.

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here. I have done the bare essentials so far to get ready for the holidays. UGH. Just me or anyone else procrastinating big time against it being not that long till the holidays.

Happy Friday. I gotta start writing more. This is insane. Work is nuts, life is nuts. And repeat!

How my work is right now (but with less candy obviously!)


4 thoughts on “Socks Gets Adopted, I Ride Again, It Will Not Stop Raining, and Merry Effing Christmas….

  1. Congrats to Socks! Wonderful of you to foster him and then to let him go. I know it is not always easy. I generally shed a few tears when I have said goodbye to foster cats and foster horses myself. Fostering is important work, and I enjoy hearing about other people’s experiences with their foster critters as they make the transitions to their new homes just like Socks.

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