Merry Christmas Week (Happy Holidays Whatever You Celebrate)!

Geez the year flew by, anybody else feel this? I sure do.

I had a good trip up to DC and got to hang with my coworkers which is always fun.

DC Traffic is NO JOKE this was from my hotel room. I did not get back into a car till heading to the airport!

Also got to visit some other friends and WAWA so pretty happy now!

Their cold brew was EFFING FANTASTIC!

Back home to Mark and kids (YAY) and Dad (sigh).

Christmas is coming. Winter is also coming. Our weather around Christmas is going to be INSANE. How insane do you say? I think that New York may be warmer than Tennessee by Thursday/Friday. Cray cray.

I took Remus another sheet and his 200 liner for this week. Will go on Thursday evening to wrap him up tighter than a Christmas gift! (The low on Friday is supposed to be umm 4?? AS IN SINGLE DIGIT? WTF WEATHER). Yes that is four degrees as a low on Thursday after being almost 50. That is pretty crazy. The barn is already starting preventative measures by putting electrolytes in water and offering senior water.

Thu 22 47°/ Rain/Snow Showers WSW 19 mph

Fri 23 16°/7° Partly Cloudy/Wind WNW 23 mph

Sat 24 21°/13° Partly Cloudy WNW 9 mph

I had a quick lesson today to catch up and Remus was mcgrumpypants but so was I so anyway. Moving on. We will start working on an updated maintenance plan after the New Year. I think he needs some happy juice and some other things. He has been on the same supplements for like 5 years too. Time to shake things up. I think the cold and his general build do him no favors. Hey I am the same.

I hope to blog before Christmas but my work is absolute bonkers still (always). I have a lot of things to finish this week before our shut down and even plan to work next week when we are closed to try to mercifully catch up. Deadlines are a BITCH. 🙂

If I don’t blog before the weekend….happy holidays to you all! Thank you for keeping me real (and sane). I appreciate you all!!


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