And Just Like That: It’s Cold Again

Weather per normal be drunk in Tennessee again. It was gorgeous and sunny and warmish. We had some nonstop rain and would you not know it we are back in the 20s at night with freeze warning (I know I know it is March but still). Also will be 60 later this week then cold again this weekend then 70s next week. Weather I am getting whiplash from you!

Anyhow, Remus I rode on (Dang I forgot when I rode) FRIDAY it was Friday because it was going to, you guessed it rain all freaking weekend. It was a tad bit chilly but not too bad with the sun out. For once.

He was good as can be expected. A bit pissy and snotty about moving forward but overall fine. We will def get his stifles/hocks injected this Spring as soon as I pay off the vet bill for his last stuff (all the shots, Adequan you name it!). Lots of money going out the door.

And he is shedding like crazy! So are the minis they leave little patches of hair wherever they lay down to sleep in the grass so it looks like aliens have landed that have lots of hair (hair circles instead of crop circles!).

Then there is Luna. I went to take her a salt block again on Sunday and dang she is growing up. I don’t see her enough for sure and she will be three in April. HOW has this time flown??

A bit fancy with a bit of the wild one look going on….
Her buddy Jack who is younger than her (a warmblood) so lots bigger than her but how cute is he?

She sure is social no matter what. That is not from me working with her for sure but I have to thank Kris and Michelle at the barn for helping socialize her. She is cute but she is going to be SOMETHING I feel and I am not sure I am up to ever riding something this….ummm alert?? HA!

Happy Monday!

They both have the lighter streaks going down from their poll. I do have a type of horse I like? Right? 🙂

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