I’m Still Here

Radio/Blog silence sucks. Sorry for that. My horses are fine though Barbie is starting to get her Tenn. allergies already. Our weather is 70s today with storms but was high of 22 earlier this week so it has been a wild ride.

I got a lesson in with Remus (it was SO COLD) and he was a good spicy boy. I have another lesson with him tomorrow and it will be 70 so I expect a lazy Remus to come out.

Dogs are fine. Dad is driving us nuts but fine. Cats are rotten. Mark is looking for a job (again). It is NEVER DULL.

Anyway, happy Friday. Need to get some media soon to share here. ALSO shows are starting up so need to figure out a calendar and sign up for SOMETHING.

And how are you all doing? Hopefully better than me!


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