Sorry for the Silence….

harry potter silence gif | WiffleGif

Sorry again for the silence….not a lot to post lately.

Work is absolutely bonkers, I am so tired at night I can’t even sleep, and I would like a fast forward button for October so that shit can be over soon (Work stuff).  Harry Potter Quote Neville Longbottom Harry Potter Gif Hermione Granger GIF  | Gfycat

But I do have a clinic with Hilda Donahue tomorrow (remember I did a clinic with her in June) and I got into the dressage portion this time as well. I have jumping on Sunday with her so it will be a fun-filled weekend.

It's Time To Talk About How The Recast Dumbledore Was Literally The Worst |  Dumbledore, Potterhead, Struggle is real

HOWEVER I dont know how much media I will get as my friend Steph is nowhere near my time. SOB. It will be the second time out with the trailer so I am excited about that. I am not as excited about my earlier ride time tomorrow but it should be cooler at least. I have not ridden all week (Thanks Work) so let’s see how this goes.

Severus Snape Silence Gif - IceGif

I also got my vest on Monday so I am ready to go!! I ended up with a Racesafe Provent vest and it fits and I do not have to hold my breath to zip it so let’s see how that works on Sunday, shall we?? I won’t know how to act.

Okay I won’t look so trim in mine!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. See you on the flip side of this weekend!! Hope to have more content Monday!

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